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Dear Dr. Green,

I want to thank you, and let you know that you are the very best doctor for Facial Rejuvenation. I have been to many top plastic surgeons over the years, and did not get the great results that you gave me. Your expertise gave me a natural healthy look with Juvederm and Botox. You are truly an artist in your field.

You have such a gentle touch, I didn't even feel the injections. You looked at my face, and could see exactly where I needed volume. I feel you truly care about me as a patient, and take pride in your work, and I get the same feeling from your staff. The whole experience energized me so much, that I had to write this note to tell you. This is a first for me, I have never sent a doctor an email before. You are truly a gifted doctor, and I can trust your judgement.

I can't thank you enough. I'm so happy, you have really helped me.
-Cindy V

I highly recommend Dr Green for any dermatology needs you may have. The staff are great; they are nice, courteous, and helpful. Dr. Green will explain what you have and what you need to do. He will spend as much time as needed so you know and understand what you have to do.

You all are the BEST staff for an AWESOME doctor!!! I'm lucky to have found my way to your office as a patient
-Amy W
I relocated to the Maryland area in the summer of 2011 and had finally grown tired of the acne I'd been suffering with for the past 4 years. Having never suffered with problem skin, I'd become very insecure and ashamed of my acne and the scars left from the acne. So I went on a search for the BEST dermatologist in the area. I did a google search and Dr. Green was at the top of the list. After perusing their website a bit, I scheduled an appointment. Keep in mind I'd seen 4 different dermatologists and had been on 28 different types of treatments that included antibiotics, topical creams and gels, face wash and proactiv. I even joined Faces365 spa in which I received a facial once a month from a licensed esthetician. Nothing worked. I thought I'd exhausted every treatment there was. So I compiled my list of medicines and headed in to see Dr. Green. He was kind and attentive and after seeing my long list, he immediately suggested accutane. I was put on an accutane regimen for 6 months. I went in once a month for 6 months for follow up visits and blood work. It worked wonders for my skin! My skin was clear of acne in one month and the dark spots were gone within 3. Accutane really worked and left NO scarring. One year later, I am still acne free with very little oil. I am grateful to Dr. Green and his staff. Marie is one of the best nurses I've had the pleasure of meeting. The day I was set to start accutane (one month after my initial visit) was the day my father died. I knew I could not miss my appointment because I would be traveling home for a while and I'd already waited a full month to start. I had to make this appointment. I went into the office and was crying uncontrollably and Marie hugged me and offered the nicest words of encouragement. I will never forget it. Dr. Green is funny and very kind. He has the best staff and they compliment one another. If you are seeking a phenomenal dermatologist, search no more! I highly recommend Dr. Green. Even though I'm acne-free, I look forward to my visits with the staff of Aesthetics, Skincare & Dermasurgery. Their warm smiles and friendly faces welcome you at the door. Thanks Dr. Green!!!!
-Kendra B
They always make an extra effort to make me feel respected and attended to. They always listen to every question or concern I may have. They've answered a couple of my questions over the phone, but most of the time I have to schedule an appointment. I really admire them for being more than willing to ask for help from other professionals in the field when they don't have an answer to my question. They aren't even slightly arrogant, and I'm confident they always have my best interest at heart. They offer the best pricing I've ever seen. I couldn't believe how little I ended up having to pay. They go out of their way to make everyone feel equally respected and cared for. I've seen client favoritism at some of the other places I've been, and I really appreciate the extra effort they make to avoid that here.
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Dear Dr. Green,
I would like to thank you for your professional treatment of my skin. Exactly after one week of your treatment, as you have told me, the dark thick superfluous cells on my skin were dried and peeled. This has been the second time of your professional diagnosis and treatment of my skin problems, and I appreciate that very much.

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